Monday, 11 April 2016

Grey- EL James

GREY- E.L James

In this book, you really get to see the behind the scene. E.L. James is brilliant. Somehow, I don't know if it's just me, but Christian sounds like a teenage boy in his head.It's very sad actually to hear him talk about his pain and watch his nightmares.

I love the part where he describes Ana and I totally adore the email part. He can get very distracted with his job when Ana is around and even more distracted when she is not around. I wonder how his business survives in the real world *jokes*

Though his eyes, you get the whole story wrapped up in your hand. You get the read about his relationship with Mia and Elliot, his relationship with Elena, and his relationship with his past. After reading this book, you will be sure to have all your question answered: who is Christian talking on the phone, what are they talking about, what is "the situation" that Christian has to handle when he was in Georgia with Ana, and everything else that make the whole trilogy complete.

The book ends with Thursday, the first day Ana and Christian meet again after the break up to go see Jose at Portland. I was screaming inside. I want and need the second book. I was so desperate that I even emailed E L James. No joke. I reread the whole trilogy again because I could not let myself say goodbye to those characters yet. I was not ready to let go of this world of Christian Grey. I was not ready to put down the emotion and the connection that I had with the story. It's bittersweet.

Lets all finger cross that there will be more books to come on Christian and Ana. Also, the movie: Fifty Shades of Darker will be out February 10, 2017. Still a long way but it's worth the wait.

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