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Bitterblue || Book Review

Bitterblue Book Review 

This book is about Bitterblue becoming a queen she never wants to be. She was blinded by her nobles and her advisers that her kingdom was safe and had moved on from the pass. But little did she know. One day she sneak out and found a group a nice people. She create a new identity and tried to help them with their problems. Those people, Teddy and Saf, were trying to save the kingdom, repair what Leck had done and recover what was destroyed. But something was always chasing after them. Someone was always hunting them down, burning their houses and destroying the ones who seek the truth.

Bitterblue, Po, and Katsa search deep into the mystery and found nothing. Each turn was a dead end. Bitterblue learnt not to trust anyone because the closer she gets to someone the higher risk she face. Saf and Bitterblue got closer together and Bitterblue was deciding to tell Saf her true identity, his queen. But she suffer from dilemma. Once Saf knew, they had a large argument which sentence Saf to death. Luckily Saf could hide and had Bitterblue covering for him. Together, Po Katsa and some of Bitterblue most trusted friends help her relive the truth of what her father, Leck had done to the kingdom. Leck's death doesn't not break the compulsion but ignite it. In the end, Bitterblue found out that it was her noblest, her advisers and even her most trusted friend, Tield that had been responsible for all the murder, burning houses and kidnaps. Bitterblue learnt that it wasn't entirely their fault, it was a way for them to forget and heal from the pass and when someone tried to bring it back to live, they got triggered. They kill people who tried to learn the truth of the cruel past. The truth about them. Leck did not cut all the animals and the little girls. Leck watches as he forces his advisers, his nobles to do the dirty work themselves. The advisers and nobles were compelled and forced to cut, to rape, to torture the weak.

Bitterblue wanted to start her kingdom fresh by not covering up the pass but learn from it and heal every edge of the kingdom that Leck had destroy. Bitterblue character had definitely grown and became stronger through the whole series. This book is easy to read, and very exciting as well. What I love most is that it has a lot of mysteries and trilled that really draws you in to the book and makes you wanting more.

Rate : 4.5/5 
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