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Graceling || Book Review

Graceling Book Review

Pause, let me tell you something, I got this book at 9 am today and finished it at 3 pm. I literally inhale the whole book in one sitting. It is that good. I had not read something this beautiful since I read The Darkest Mind. Its very really and the world the author created is very complete. 

This book is about a girl named Katsa who is a Grace. A Grace is basically someone who is born with abilities and powers. They eyes are also different color from one another so it was easy to tell who was a Grace. Katsa's grace was the ability to kill. She wasn't locked up or killed simple because her uncle was the king and he intend to use her for his wars and torturing anyone who displeased him. Katsa however was apart of this Council who helps people in need. She then met Prince Po. Everything changed. Po was from another kingdom and he was graced too. He was able to read mind and sense when someone was near him. Katsa saved Po's grandfather (who was an old royal king) that was kidnapped. Katsa went against her uncle and ran away with prince Po. Now, Po and Katsa has to find the kidnapper to know the reason of the kidnapping and in order for his grandfather to be safe again. 

They travel to another kingdom and found out there was something wrong with their recent new king, Leck. Rumors tells that animals and young girls were scared and hurt without any reason. Soon the animals and the young girls would die with no explanations Po and Katsa then discovered that Leck was Graced too. He has the grace of fooling people, leading them to believe what he wants them to. Po and Katsa then had to save, Bitterblue, Leck's daughter, from her own cruel father that was hunting her to play his tricks with. In the end, Katsa was able to safe Princess Bitterblue but something happened to Po. Katsa had to leave Po behind and take Bitterblue to safe grounds. 

Tho, safe grounds weren't safe. When they got to Po's castle, expecting a shelter and some protection, Leck got there first. Leck compelled  the whole castle that he was the new king. Things weren't going as planned. Katsa tried her best not to be in Leck Grace's maze. When Leck mentioned Po, she snapped, she pulled out her blade and threw it straight and strong at Leck. Leck died and the compulsion broke off. When Katsa went to find Po again, something was off. Po was blind. But thankfully for his Grace, he need not have to see, he has his grace to sense.

Rate : 4.5/5
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