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We Were Liars || Book Review

We Were Liars Book Review 

We are liars. Gat, Johnny, Mirren and Cadence. they were liars. 

This story is based on Cadence point of view. Her family was the Sinclairs. There were rich, normal, perfect. They have mansions all around the world but what the Liars want most was their island. The island they play on for years since they were a kid. The island that brought them together. Mirren and Johnny were Cadence cousins and their moms were sisters. Gat was only a friend that had granted permission from their most wealthy grandpa to stay with them. Gat and Cadence then grew closer together, falling madly in love.

Suddenly, Cadence black out. She work up, feeling the burn, the pain and the missing memories. She didnt know what happened and didnt know why it happen. No one would explain, no one was there to help her remember, not even Gat. She knew she was sick, because she had to take medicine. She knew something happened because each time she looked at her mother, her aunts, there were a sign of lost hope and depression written on their face.What she dont know was why she couldnt remember and what had happen that night at the island.

Slowly, she decided that if no one would help her, she would have to help herself. She walkedpass her memories, trying to remember. Finally a glimps of hope light herspirit, she did remember.She remember fire, burning house, and the Liars planned it. She rushed to see Johnny and Mirren. They then told her the truth. During Summer, their grandpa decided to prepare his will. Each of their mother argued on how should get the most of the houses and wealth. Soon, the wealth torn the perfect family apart. The wealth burned the fuel in each of their hearts. The Liars were forced to separate and to them, as fifteen year old kids, it was the end of the world. They didn't want their moms to argue, they didnt want their grandpa to be adding oil to their burning hearts for wealth, they didn't want to leave the island. So they made a plan, a plan to destroy a house by burning it down and in hope that it will bring the family back together. For insanity could actually for once be sane. That was their thought. So one night before their flight, the visited the house on the island, they planned it all, each of them would burn of floor and gather outside. 

Cadence remembered, she remember that two naughty dogs were trapped inside, she remember calling Johnny, Mirren and her Gat. She remember the scream, the smoke, the empty pain of lost. She remembered it all. The fire did brought the family together but it broke the Liars apart. She didn't know. She didn't know that she had single handed killed her precious Liars, the one she was willing to risk anything for to stay together. Now it's all gone. The memories all came back to her and the image of Johnny, Mirren and Gat slowly faded back into thin air. 

She was broken.
but she was a Sinclair
so she was perfect
she was endure

Wow, this book-. Have you ever had this one stubborn scar, that won't disappear? or this one image of something you saw earlier that just keeps popping into your head? or a song that was stuck in you head for as long as you can possibly think of? Well, after reading this book, it is utterly unforgettable. Its like the scar willing to be seen, the image willing to be remember and a song waiting to be sung.

Rate : 4.5/5

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