Sunday, 21 December 2014

Made for You || Book Review

Made For You

A girl named Eva was pretty, popular, and loved. She was the center of the star, the one most boys wouldn't take their eyes off. One day, she had an accident, the accident nearly killed her but she lived. Tho there's a catch, her leg was broken and her skin was badly cut that she had scars all over her face. Despite that, Nate, her childhood friend that ignored her through her high school, re-appear into her life. 

She is alive now, but she isn't safe. It wasn't an accident, and there was a murderer on the run. 

After the accident, another girl died, her friend, and on her skin craved letters : For you Eva. Eva didnt know who it was and why he was doing it. But despite that there's a killer trying to kill her, she discovered something more deep and mysterious. Since the accident, she could see someone's death sentence when they touched her bare scared skin. She saw many of her friend's death, Grace (her best fried), Piper, Madison, Reid, Nate and Robert (her ex boyfriend). Some death were unpreventable, but others were because of the killer. She saw how the killer hunt them down because of Eva, she saw how the killer earn their truth then kill them, she watch the hope in their eyes slowly fade as the killer crave words of Eva on them. Only Grace and Nate knew about her ability. She tried to prevent things from happening, asking her friends not to go to certain places that she seen them die, asking them to stay home and have the police as their emergency hotline. 

She thought she could stop the killer from killing but she was far too wrong. The killer wasn't just anyone, the killer was a close friend, the friend that had been there all the time, hiding in the back ground, watching her, and planning every move. A killer A friend that was there for her, that showed no interest yet had million. The killer was Reid. Reid thought that since he couldn't kill Eva the first time, it was a sign that they should be together from God. He was going out of sanity. When Nate and Eva found out, it was too late, three of her friends were killed and Reid kidnapped Grace. Without thinking, Eva tried to called Reid out and lead them to Grace. Together with Nate, they went to Reid and he brought them to Grace with the deal that he would trade Grace for Eva. When they found Grace, she was going to escape. Grace and Nate attacked Reid. Nate was a big boy but poor Grace was too small, too tired. Reid took the advantage and knocked her out. Grace knocked her head. Thinking that her best friend, Grace was dead, Eva pulled the trigger.

This book got me out of my seat ! It was both thrilling and dangerous yet beautiful. Melissa has a talent to capture your heart with her writing and let the characters flatter your soul.

Rate : 4.8/5

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