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Never Fade || Book Review

Never Fade Book Review

Ruby was working with the devil the last time we saw her. She erased Liam's memories of her in order to keep him safe. She killed and destroy for the devil to seek freedom but was freedom worth the risk?
Ruby was a leader of a small ground of 4. There's Visa, Jude and Nico. Visa was a Blue. Jude was Yellow and Nico was a green that as a pretty darn amzing skill in computer. On one mission, her mentor asked her to save Prisoner 27. They were trained not to ask question and just do as they say. Learning that the prison was about to blow up, Ruby didn't follow the order to stay in the prison. She got out and when she was free, she saw him, Prisoner 27, Liam's brother, Cole.

She couldn't believe her eyes, someone such like Liam but so much different as well. She saved him and brought him in. After the explosion was over, Cole secretly asked Ruby for help. The devil of the system was trying to find a intel drive that Cole stole from the laburatory. He claims that it contains knowledge of the cure. A cure to their difference, a cure to make all the greens, blues, yellows, oranges, and reds equal. Despite the good news, the intel drive wasn't with Cole, when the police came for him, he left it in his jacket and the worst part was, Liam has the jacket. Ruby's brain screamed at her and her heart yelled back. She didn't want to face him but she has to save him. She agreed to help Cole, only if he agreed that Liam would be left untouched.

Ruby escaped the system to finished what Cole started. However, she wasn't alone in this mission. Jude and Visa came along. No matter how much she didn't want them too, she knew they were better with her outside the system then to be inside. Her first guess on where Liam would be was his parent's house. She knocked on the door and a familiar face came by, Chubs. He was shot, bleed and dead but now he was standing in front of her, well and fit. She told Chubs about the intel drive and they went to find Liam together, knowing that it wasn't safe anymore to stay in the house. 

Things got worst on the road, they got captured by a group of Blues. The leader, Knox, tortured the kids he capture. If they are useful, they are allow to hunt and get rewarded but if they are too weak and too powerless, they starve and die in disease. When Ruby and the other got caught, they would not help Knox so he sent to a room filled with trapped kids. In the room, kids were skinny, weak, sick and dying. In the center of the room, lies a man, just about Ruby's age, lying on the floor, sick, his face was familiar, when he turned, Ruby held her breath. Liam.

Liam was sick and got caught for a week or two. Ruby was furious and went to destroy Knox. Knox knew Ruby was coming so he declare a challenge for Ruby and Visa. They were going to fight, not against each other but against someone, something, a Red. The Red, was big in size and had yellow teeth, chained up like an animal. Whenever they tried to hurt him, he burn them. Ruby knew there wasn't a way to win this by force, so she reach into his mind. She saw the Red's pass, Masson, was his name, she saw what a normal life he had before this and she saw what horrible things they had done to him, treating him as an animal. Using Ruby's powers, she talked to the Red with her mind and Masson turned against Knox, killing him in the process. 

When Liam got better, he remembered, he remember Ruby and the love he had for her. No power is greater then true love. Ruby now had the intel drive and was debating on weather to go back to the system and give it to Cole, or disappear with Liam. She knew her duties and she knew she would never forgive herself knowing that there was a cure but too selfish to share. When she was going back to the system, she fell into Clancy's maze. He wanted the intel drive he wanted to cure. But not to use it , to destroy it. It was an insult to him that they were finding the cure to take away their ability, they powers, and there identities. The leader of the cure investigation, was a Professor and she was Clancy's mother.  

The cure was destroyed and the system collapsed, exploded from a boom. Number of kids were trap in it, including 15 year old Jude. Ruby's heart shatter into pieces for he was like her little brother. When they think things could finally end, it got worst. Now, they have to start over again but Cole as leader. Now, they won't hide underground but go up front to destroy the government. Now they won't hold back their powers. 

Rate : 4.5/5 
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