Wednesday, 3 December 2014

World After || Book Review

World After Book Review

This is the second series of the Angelfall book and I have to say, I like the second one a little more. Its very well written and i felt that the characters grew to be more wise and mature. Another part of me was also missing Raffe and Panryn romance. This  book consist of adventures and action but still have a glitter of humor and love.

In this book, Panryn sister, Paige, turned into one of the Angel's creature where they are always hunger for human. Paige then ran away because she felt like she was a monster. Panryn think Paige was going to join the Angels but it turns out she was seeking for revenge. When the war between human and angels starts, Raffe appeared and took Panryn away from the war zone. There is a beautiful ending and I am really looking forward to a next book.

Rate: 3.9/5

hugs and kisses.

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