Friday, 17 June 2016

Bared to You (Crossfire #1)

Bared to You (Crossfire #1)

What even?

I am sorry for all the adult fiction novels that I have been reviewing and I swear, I do read other YA books. This book is so mixed with feelings and reading it just flattens my stomach. It's sort of a mix between Fifty Shades and The Royals saga.

This book is about a girl named Eva who moved to New York to work in an ad company. She left her mother and her stepfather, who she loved, but wants some space from them. She had a rough past. Her mother had her but didn't marry her biological father because of money. Her mother found someone rich enough and they married but it turned out to be a nightmare for Eva, one that will scar her for life.

Gideon Cross is the man every girl will kneel down for- good looking, rich, well built, not to mention hot as hell. However, he, too, has a past that is both dark and dangerous. When both of them met, things changed. Eva could not get him out of her head. He could not stay out of her life. When they found each other, nothing could break them except for their past.

It's a very dark and mysterious novel that is wrapped with romance, pure love, and warmth. It was a really good and easy read. The characters felt real and the book was so complete. Eva is a very strong female character that I really like. She is vulnerable yet have so much drive in her. She is broken but she refuses to be shatter to pieces. She is like this sculpture of broken glass pieced together, fragile and breakable but strong and still standing. Gideon is just as broken but for Eva, he is willing to fix him for the possibility of them.

Brutally amazing- one that can make you scream and shout with all the feelings that you don't even know how to handle.

hugs and kisses

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