Sunday, 19 June 2016

Reflected by You (Crossfire #2)

Reflected by You (Crossfire #2)

Another page turner. Seriously, I need therapy after this. The emotions are so raw and bare. I feel so naked inside reading it. It turned my feelings under, over, and all around. It leaves your stomach flat and your heart bare.

This book reveals more of who Gideon is but it also shows who both of them are individually. In the beginning of the book, both of them were too consumed with each other but after something happened, they separated. In some way, it was healthy to have some space but it was hell for both of them (and for me to read, honestly). When they were apart, they each found who they were and what they mean to each other.

I would say the feelings in the book is more attachable because we have lived in Eva's mind for an entire book before and understand her better now. Sylvia really knows how to get her readers feel involved. She knows just the word to fill you with excitement and joy but she also knows how to break you.

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