Wednesday, 22 June 2016

One with You (Crossfire #5)

One with You (Crossfire #5)

I don't know what to feel about the last book of the series. Guessing it's the last, I expected something more. Not to say I'm disappointed, I'm not. I just wished there was more of something to it.

First of all, this whole series was amazing. It was not just about sex. It was about two very broken people coming together and becoming so strong for each other and for themselves. Broken does not mean worthless. Broken does not mean unfix-able. Broken does not mean its the end. Gideon and Eva fix each other's broken past. This is not your normal fairy tale story. Both Gideon and Eva did not have a good Once Upon a Time, but they sure worked their way up to a wonderful Happy Ever After.

Like the fourth book, it was one chapter of Eva's POV and another of Gideon's. In this book, the readers got to understand Gideon better. The love between them became raw and genuine. Readers get to jump back and forth between the two characters and understand them better in their perspective as well as experiencing the love that Gideon and Eva had for each other.

What I love about this book is that it taught us that love does not only mean you will spend a lifetime with them, be with them through tough times, hold them when they are sad and scared, cherish them, and fight to keep them safe but also believing in them, without needing proof or evidence because their words are enough. What I think I was expecting in this book was the wedding. The whole book revolved around Eva and Gideon preparing for their public wedding with their family but I didn't really feel the wedding bells when the time came. After building up a story rich with wedding detail, the wedding went by faster than probably the sex. It was sad. I wanted to be in Gideon's mind when he saw Eva walked down the aisle. I wanted to be in Eva's mind when Gideon says his vows.

Nonetheless, I love this series. It made me scream, cry, and it tear me apart while still fixing the pieces. It was beautiful. The unconditional love was unbearable. It made the classic fairy tale seem too simple. Life isn't simple and this book proofs that.

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