Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Captive by You (Crossfire #4)

Captive by You (Crossfire #4)

I cannot. It's like running a marathon reading this book. The emotion is like the hills and the complexity of Eva life is like the storm.

This book was different from the first three. In this book, we have a chapter of Eva's POV than a chapter of Gideon's POV. It's so nice and warmly to know what Gideon thinks of Eva because we know how madly in love Eva is with Gideon from the first three books so in this book, we got to understand Gideon a lot more and really uncover layers of him that was so secret to us before. Knowing him more now, his love for Eva is beyond compare. I don't think anyone should settle for anything less if they had someone who loves them as much as Gideon loves Eva.

It's a book that will keep you up on your feet and excited for the next book but knowing the next will be the last is bittersweet.

hugs and kisses

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