Friday, 10 June 2016

Crave Me, Convert Me, and Capture Me

Crave Me, Convert Me, and Capture Me

The first book was stunning. The second book caught me off guard. The third book had me in awe.
I have to say: I cannot count the number of times my stomach flatten and butterflied in me, nor the number of time I find my thoughts twisting it's way back into the book as if I was in it and the characters were my friends, nor the number of times I giggled to myself or cry in silent for all the emotions that were unleashed in these books.

The first book is about Belle, Clare's best friend, finding herself again after her fiance, Phil cheated on her. She swore not to let any man decide who she is and she decides no to let any man get in her way of becoming what she wants to be. The promise to herself lasted until she met Smith Prince. He is a gorgeously hot lawyer who is seeking for a personal assistant. Belle stubble into his office, prepared for anything but him.

She got the job but she also swore to herself and to him that they will not sleep together. Little did she know that both of them were tied together the first time they each lay eyes on one another.

It was so beautifully written. Smith has a way to make you feel so loved even though you are not Belle. He is like Christian Grey but more dominating. His jealousy levels will make you want to scoop in him in your arms but will prey on his jealousy a while longer, just to see how much he wants it. Pleasure in torture.

The second book was mentally good. It had all the elements of love, friendship, and mystery. Even though both Belle and Prince fell apart, they become stronger together. Seeing how the charterers change and grow each passing page is both satisfying and warming to heart because your imagination of what the charterers are, growing along with them, and your mind slowly forms this image of what they are and before you know it, they are like a friend that you are obsessed of.

The third book was unrealistically good. I felt my stomach flatten, my heart sank to the bottom of the floor, and the feels were running all over my system. How can something be so good and addicting?

It wasn't the sex part that draws me towards the book, but the romance and love that drowned me in it. I have never read or seen anyone love another so deeply and passionately. This book will undo all your expectation of love in the future but one can always hope and dream.

hugs and kisses

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