Saturday, 25 June 2016



This book is the cutest love story I've ever read. It has multiple heartbreaks and point where I just want to pull my hair out but it was so sweet, so adorable, and utterly romantic in it's own way. The story carries a powerful vibe of love and relationship throughout the whole book and anyone can easily fall in love with it.

This book is about a girl, Alice, who had bad nightmares when she was a kid. After having some scanning and stuff, she got better. The nightmares become beautiful dreams. She dreams of a boy named Max. In her dreams, they would travel the world, do the impossible, and hold each other. It is only in her dream that she didn't feel lonely. The best part of her day is when she is dreaming of Max. When Alice moves from New York, she is enrolled in a new school. Starting over was hard but it gets harder when her dream Max is sitting in the same classroom as her. It nearly gave her a heart attack. How can someone in your dream be real? How can someone you knew so well in your dream feel like a stranger?

I cannot contain the amount of cuteness in this book nor can I count the number of times my heart threw glitter into the air. It was a very easy read and a very good story, one that everyone dream.

hugs and kisses

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