Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Crown Me

Crown Me

The mystery, betrayal, danger, and of course romance in this book is the next level. I cannot handle. It's hard for me to discuss the book without spoilers but I will try my best. One thing I will say is that: IT IS THE BEST. Utterly overwhelmed by all the feelings.

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess by men but a queen to the one and only. Alexander does whatever he can to make Clare know that she is not only the Queen of England but also his queen. Their love makes all fairy tale love story seem staged because this story tells the true complication of relationships that often get interfered by duties, friends, and our history. The love that they share sets a whole new level of expectation of love in real life. Its sad to know that not everyone gets to have an Alexander in their life and not every one is lucky enough to ever find one but this book did spark hope that love does exists and when in love, love fearlessly, bravely, and completely because the worth of loving overrides all the pain and danger that comes with it.

hugs and kisses

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