Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Conquer Me

Conquer Me

Apart form sleeping and watching PLL on the screen on a 22 hour flight, I was reading Conquer Me. Good choice but bad timing. I was laughing, giggling, and smiling like an idiot to myself. I swear the girl next to me thinks I'm crazy.

This book- not as great as the first one- but still was brilliant. It's amazing how Alexander changed for Clare, and how Clare grew stronger because she loves him. I am all for a retell in the Beauty and the Beast story. Alexander finally lets go of the beast inside of him and accepts that his duties and responsibilities and the next King in line were far less important that having Clare in his life. Clare could not accept being his secret. She doesn't want the name nor to be Queen but she does want him. She wants him to not be afraid and to love her as deeply as she loves him.

The feels:

I was craving for more. it was a brilliant book. Beautifully written.

hugs and kisses

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