Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Harry Potter and the Soccer's Stone

Harry Potter and the Soccer's Stone

Because I've watched the movie over a million times, I could literally remember each scene and words but reading it brings something different. I have never read the book before up until this week because I watched the movie and it spoiled everything for me. Despite that, it was still a good, easy read. No regrets.

 I feel like the book was not a YA fiction but more of a children's book like Percy Jackson but I also understand that it is from Harry's point of view and he was only 11 years old so it made sense. J.K. Rowling has an amazing way of luring you into her woods of fantasy.

I have to admit, I did scan through most part of the book because I knew what was happening but there were parts in the book that was not in the movie and I did enjoy those too.

The characters in the movie represented the characters in the book so well. It was a really great easy read with many adventures of a body who did not only lived through the dark forces of magic but also found himself after being lost. Harry never knew who he was, why he was him, or what he was for until magic found him.

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