Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Carbs are not always be the answer on a HCLF Vegan Lifestyle.

Carbs are not always be the answer on a HCLF Vegan Lifestyle. 

Yes, you heard that right. Being on a High Carb Low Fat vegan lifestyle, when you feel shitty, low in energy or just uncomfortable, people will say "Oh you are just not carb up enough," or "have some carbs, you will feel better." It is not always the case tho. Carbs can surely make you feel full and more energy, but sometimes we need other nutrients like fats and protein. I think that some people feel that when they are on a hclf diet, they cannot have too many nuts and seeds or too much tofu and beans because that would break the 801010 rule. However, our body need those nutrients. If you are only giving it carbs but too little of other nutrients then your body system is going to break down.

Fats is essential in order for our body to function ! It is called high carb LOW fat, NOT high carb NO fat. You are allowed to have some avocado, some nuts and seeds in your diet. Do not deprive or be afraid of fats. When you restrict yourself from certain foods then your mind will put them in the basket of forbidden foods or in the red zone. Then soon you will be so afraid of those foods that your mind will think having those foods will make you a failure or fat. This often occurs to people especially teens and it will lead to orthorexic or even an eating disorder.

Here is an example of my daily intake pie chart thing.

I was having potatoes, rice, veggies and fruits. I also have some nuts and chips once a while. My fat intake can go up to 30% some days.  Guess what? I'm still alive! My skin and hair has improved so much since I increase my fat intake.

Fats are important for:

  • balancing hormones 
  • protect your organs Your heart, your liver, your stomach all need fats surrounding them to protect them from injuries.
  • Hair, nails and skin growth
  • Fats is also really important for women since we go through menstruation every month.

 I know how annoying it is when people ask Vegans where we get our protein and it's so frustrating to explain how on a plant based diet, we can still consume enough protein for our body. However, we should all keep our protein in check. As you saw from my pie chart, I am on a plant based diet and eat quite healthy most of the time but my protein level is pretty low. It is easy to not consume enough protein in a vegan diet. Have more nuts, beans, mushroom and tofu, they are all rich in protein.

Proteins are important for:

  • Muscle growth
  • Hair, nails and skin growth
  • Make enzyme that is essential for body function
  • Build antibodies
The bottom line is: do not label yourself as anything. Like all diet, it's not sustainable. Have whatever you want and whatever you crave. As long as it is vegan, there shouldn't be any problem. Keep a balanced diet. Have the pizza and the burger when your soul craves it. Have salads and smoothies when your body craves it. Listen to your body because they are so much smarter than we give them credit for. 

hugs and kisses

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