Tuesday, 29 December 2015



Labels. We are all labeled by society, family, friends and even ourselves. Labeled as a boy/girl, as a teen/kid, and as a daughter, son or parent. Those labels are ones we cannot run away from.

But to find peace in life and to really live happily is to not label yourself. Don't label yourself as fat, skinny, tall, short. Don't label yourself as size 2 or size 8. Don't label yourself as HCLF or raw vegan. Who care if you are short and skinny? Who cares if you are size 10? Who cares what you eat and which "rule" you follow? No one. Everyone is only concerning about themselves. It is you who is putting labels on your body and to yourselves that make you feel restricted. You are not happy that way so why continue labelling?

I think the struggle is not finding the label that fits you. Everyone wants to fit in but that's not really difficult. What's hard and challenging is to fit out, to not label yourself anything and to really be free.

2016 is almost here, in fact, it's 3 days away! Make a plan, start fresh, and start being you. I think above health, fitness, and money, we all should have H A P P I N E S S on the top of our list. Being happy doesn't mean never being sad. No no. It means being at the bottom of the roller coaster but still enjoying the ride, knowing that things will get better. It means having the world's shittiest day but still laugh about it. I know it's hard, especially when you are stuck in a tunnel of darkness, losing hope for the light, but in the back of your mind, always remember that you are not alone. Talk to someone, share it with a friend or a family, write it down. You are living your own story, so own the pen!

My task for all of you today and for 2016:

Do something today that will give your stomach butterflies.
Do something today that will make your heart race.
Do something today that you will remember when you look back in 2025 and say, "what a year!"
Whatever you do, do it with no regrets.

hugs and kisses

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