Friday, 11 December 2015

The Wrath & the Dawn

The Wrath & the Dawn

A girl who seeks for a revenge and a boy who seeks for a relief. A beauty that is fearless and a beast that is broken.

A beautiful story that will remind you of the classic Beauty and the Beast. It is a book filled with mystery, dark suspicions and a heartbreaking love.

The elements of love, hate, and fear normally would not work together without sounding too cliche but it did in this book! The elements blend together so well that it is impossible to have one without another. 

“A true plague of a girl. And yet a queen in every sense of the word.” 

This book tells a story about a king known to be a monster, who will marry a young girl each day only to kill her at night with a silk cord wrapped around her neck. A girl named Shahrzad volunteers  to be his next bride only having the intention to stay alive for more than one night. She wants revenge for what the king has done to her sister. She wants revenge for what the king has done to all the young ladies and the poor families. It is a miracle that she can still see the next sunrise but there is something in her, something fearless that the king admires and kept her alive. With more time in the palace and more time with the king, Shahrzad finds kindness in the monster. As she learns his history and his pass, Shahrzad begins to question if the monster is really a monster or is he just a boy, just like she is just a girl.

The mystery to why the king kills all the girls hunts Shahrzad. She needs to know why he does it before she kills him and take her revenge. The deeper she studies, she more lost she gets. The king, the monster that everyone calls him, buries a burden as a young king to his people. A burden that is both heartbreaking and a curse.

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