Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Things to pack on Holiday !

Things to pack on Holiday !

Holidays are around the corner and we often like to go on a vacation or a long road trips to visit friends and family. Sometimes we even get tied up with the events planning, maps and addresses searching, tolls and petrol fee to concern with that we forget things we actually need whiles on the road. Here is a simple list of things you might need on a long trip.

List of things to bring/ to have:
  1. Food ! Bring lots of snacks, especially if you are on a long trip.(I have a list of food that I like to bring with me below)
  2. A pillow. We all know what road trips feels like. Your butt hurts, your back aches, and your whole body just feels like it's out of place. Bring a pillow, it'll help. Trust me.
  3. Make a playlist on your phone or your laptop. There's no law stating you can't have a party in the car whiles on a road trip. Just make sure to be safe on the roads. #winks
  4. Download some movies. It's always smart to have some movies to kill the time. I personally like to download sci-fic or fantasy movies. (Twilight saga and Harry Potter are always on my list)
  5. Hand lotion, hand sanitizers and wipes. We all get dry skin during this time of the year so it's important to keep yourself comfortable. It's not fun having dried, crack hands. Road trips are always long and the road seems like it will never end so there is no need for multiple stops at the gas station, bring some wipes and some sanitizers. 
  6. Bring lots of water ! This is so important. You can get easily dehydrated during road trips and it's important to have enough water so that your body does not feel sick afterwards. Being dehydrated can also cause dizziness, dry mouth, and even fainting. 

Foods to pack:
  • Fruits ! I like to cut up some fruits and drizzle lemon juice on them so they won't go brown.
  • Bring some trail mix. If fresh fruits seems impossible to prepare bright and early, then get some nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. 
  • Bring some snack bars. I love Larabars and Eat Nakd bars. They are low in calories so make sure to bring quite a few.
  • Have mini meals/snacks. You are going to sit in the car for the whole trip so don't plan big meals, have small snacks throughout. This way, you won't feel bloated or too full to sit in the car.
  • Bread. It's easy to be under carb during long road trips. Have some bread with you in the car so you can snack on them or even have them as a meal. Simple and easy is the best way to go.
I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday !

hugs and kisses

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