Monday, 21 December 2015

The Rose Society

The Rose Society

Marie Lu has done it again! I felt so afraid of my own thoughts when I read this book. It's dark and mysterious, it's kind of like having a demon talking to you, persuading you, and ruling over you. It's dark. 

In this book, Adelina has to build her own allies after the Daggers betrayed her and she betrayed them. She has to find people who are willing to follow her, to kill for her and to die for her. Though the journey, she finds amazing Elites with great powers to side with her. However, with all the power she is now holding, comes with a price. Her illusions become her reality and her power becomes her undoing. The demon voice inside her head that keeps telling her to have her revenge slowing becomes her own voice. She dwells in her past with a vengeance. Now, she has to and wants to take over the throne but in order to do so, she has to go against her sister, the Dagger, and Enzo, she has to go against very good will that is left in her body. Although Adelina constantly has the debate between good and bad, one thing never change; she will do anything she can to survive and to have power.

This is truly a dark book that one should be scared of reading at night. The power that Adelina has is dangerous yet inspiring. Her determination is really strong. Throughout the book, you can see how she, as a character, has grown in power and changed to be evil. It's not everyday you get to be the bad guy in the story but still win. This book feeds the inner demon in everyone. It's brutally amazing and a beautifully written book.

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